Alex Galbraith

Co-Host of Cloudspotting

Alex Galbraith leads the Cloud Solutions Architecture function for Rackspace Technology in EMEA, where he and the team help customers to translate their business requirements into technical solutions whilst navigating the constantly evolving world of cloud.

Working across multiple industry verticals since 2004, Alex has seen through the lens of customers, vendors and service providers alike. He's worked on high profile projects such as the London Olympics and NHS NPfIT, all of which have helped him to develop his hyper-bronco-thalamus, a lesser-known part of the brain which commands excessive opinions.
Alex lives in the UK with his wife and two mischievous daughters. When not spending time with them, he can generally be found working on his money pit, aka the housing renovation project he started in 1922…

A keen blogger, podcaster, vExpert and regular attendee of community events across the UK and EU, you can generally find Alex extolling the virtues of cloud and how it can help customers achieve great business outcomes!

Alex Galbraith has hosted 31 Episodes.