Saikumar Iyer

Co-Host of Cloudspotting

Saikumar Iyer or as he's referred to on the pod "Sai" is a Solution Architect for Rackspace Technology based in the UK.

Sai joined Rackspace Technology back in 2015, and when he's not producing podcast liquid gold, he's usually working with new customers as part of his technical function in the Acquisitions Team. His customer-facing role requires him to quickly understand business challenges, and then build solutions using the broad Rackspace Technology portfolio of products.

Previously he worked in IT Systems maintenance for hardware and software where he was hands-on in supporting onsite or remote IT infrastructure; deploying servers, storage and virtualisation solutions. Sai also worked in the healthcare industry with PACS systems. There was he was creating and maintaining DICOM and HL7 based applications to enable communications between the PACS and imaging systems.

Saikumar Iyer has hosted 31 Episodes.