Scott Pankonin

Co-Host of Cloudspotting

Scott Pankonin is a Rackspace Technologies Cloud Architect, specialising on AWS. Working with customers of all shapes and sizes, Scott focuses on the Well-Architected fundamentals to assist customers at whatever level of cloud maturity they possess.

With a career spanning multiple decades and continents, Scott started off in digital mapping for the petroleum industry. Software development was the next phase in his IT career, which slowly transitioned into operations and data centre management, and then from operations to solution architecture. Over the last decade holding the roles of Solution Architect, Specialist Architect and Lead Architect. In 2015 Scott came to the UK on secondment and decided he liked England far better than California and relocated permanently in 2017. He currently lives in London.

Scott’s personal interests include Travel, History, Rugby, Live Music and Ice Hockey.

Scott Pankonin has hosted one Episode.